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MAP will open Late Nights from 1st November
Date 2021-11-03

Museum of Art Pudong, a new popular place in Shanghai, announced that it will open Late Nights from 1st November. Except for the closing day on Tuesdays, the opening hours of the Museum of Art Pudong will be from 10 a.m. to 9 p.m. on each opening day.


When the Museum of Art Pudong opened on 8th July 2021, it only opened two late nights on Fridays and Saturdays. But since the summer holiday, the daily visitor flow has remained high, and many visitors said they have not enough time for so many spectacular exhibitions on a single visit. On 5th September, Museum of Art Pudong announced to open late nights every Sunday, and from 14th October it added Thursday late nights, and it will be opened late every night from 1st November. Visiting the museum on late nights is a good opportunity to avoid the huge visitor flow during the daytime, and has somehow become a fashion lifestyle.


At 6 p.m., standing on the waterfront platform of the Museum of Art Pudong, the sunset has sunk into the back of the exotic Bund Architecture clusters, the natural light during the day fades away on the surface of the museum building. All the lights are on, and the museum, which looks like a "white box" during the day, suddenly emitted a golden halo at night. The "Large Glass" on the western wall lights up on time. The "Glass Hall show" is specially customized for the opening year of the museum. The film in just a few minutes shows the changes of Shanghai's urban development and human's attitude towards technology and culture, and the magnificent exploration of art. The visitors in the Glass Hall, together with the large LED screen played, form a "fourth dimension" space full of Jean Nouvel's poetic interpretation of the architecture.


Entering MAP with the afterglow of the sunset, the Malevich-style light strips on the ceiling emits atmosphere of serenity that is different from that of the daytime. Wandering inside the gallery will provide a chance to be away from the daytime hustle and bustle. The large-scale lighting installation that runs through the Hall X "Encounters with the unknown" also shows that "I would rather be a cosmic barker" in a deeper and more poetic way.


Large and small window scenery framing design has always been a feature of Museum of Art Pudong. Three months since its opening, so many visitors have taken beautiful pictures in front of these windows, especially the large windows with panoramic views of the Oriental Pearl Tower on the east side of the 3F and the rain-drop like glass windows with the beautiful scenery of the Huangpu River on the west side. They have long been well-known Instagrammable spots. At night, the colorful lights outside the window add a gorgeous charm to the natural and soft framed scenes.


The facade facing the Huangpu River and the Bund features two large glass-fronted halls, 12 and 6 meters high respectively, inside which sit two mirrored displays of similar size. The two giant panes of glass on both floors form the Glass Hall, a special space which is 55 meters wide and 5 meters deep on the 2nd and 3rd floors of the museum. During the daytime, it is a place to show art installations or performances; At night, it turns into a double panoramic camera. As time goes by, according to different light, the "Large glass" will reflect the splendor view of the Bund. Visitors inside the glass hall will feel the sunset and night scene full of brilliance.


Standing on the rooftop of the Museum of Art Pudong, the orange-red MAP logo on the cooling tower has long been illuminated, and the supremacist-style light strips on the ground complement each other, with the gorgeous view of the exotic Bund Architecture clusters on the opposite bank, and the dazzling Lujiazui skyline. The night scene constitutes a romantic and poetic leisure space. Get rid of your exhaustion, enjoy delicious food on the Roof P.M. restaurant, which will be a perfect ending of the wonderful late night visit inside the museum.


The opening of late nights at MAP also poses a big challenge to Museum of Art Pudong 's operational capabilities. The person in charge of the museum stated, “During the Golden Week of the National Day, MAP opened until 9 p.m. for the first time for 10 consecutive nights, and welcomed the 300,000th visitor when it opened for nearly a hundred days. In order to further respond to the government’s call to actively develop night economy, to meet the needs of the visitors at night, and to thank the audience for their love, the museum has decided to extend the opening time from 1st November, which could provide the visitors with more leisure and entertainment options at night, especially on weekdays."


It is worth mentioning that one of the opening exhibitions of the Museum of Art Pudong, "Light: Works from the Tate Collection", will be closed on 14th November. Visitors who have not yet visited the exhibition or want to revisit, can now come to the Museum of Art Pudong to "chase the light" at night.



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About Museum of Art Pudong


Museum of Art Pudong (MAP) is located in Lujiazui Central Business District in Shanghai and has been designed by Ateliers Jean Nouvel (AJN).


MAP aims to establish itself as an international cultural landmark for Shanghai and an important platform for global cultural and art communication. MAP will primarily focus on the presentation and exchange of international arts, supplemented by domestic art exhibitions. It hopes to become a destination of choice for artists and visitors from around the world, providing a platform for the presentation of world class art.


MAP intends to complement the existing art museum community in Shanghai. It will enhance Pudong New Area through the creation of fresh opportunities for public access to culture. The establishment of MAP also builds upon Shanghai’s, and especially Pudong New Area's, historical traditions and recent successes.




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