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Xu Bing: Found in Translation
2021-12-24 - 2022-08-23

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About the exhibition

Xu Bing, born in 1955, is widely recognized as one of the leading conceptual artists working with language and semiotics today.


Xu Bing: Found in Translation, showcases the various phases of Xu Bing’s artistic career through the nearly 70 sets of major works that encompass prints, installations, archives, manuscripts, videos, documentaries, etc. The exhibition presents the unparalleled artistic language into which the artist translates by means of oriental philosophy and the art classics that shine through the global art world: from writing experience as the essence of Chinese art, from visual fragments collected from social scenes to new conceptual movies and installations, from traditional Chinese characters to the wide-ranging practice of futuristic meta-language, as well as the latest space art practice. Thanks to his forte in employing the “growing materials”, Xu Bing’s works possess prophetic properties.


The 1F gallery centers on Book from the Sky, unveiling the infinite possibilities of language through a variety of artworks based on languages and texts, such as Monkeys Grasp for the Moon, Square Word Calligraphy, The Seven-character Poetry Collection of Small Enterprises, Book from the Ground, among others. The 3F galleries comprise artworks like Square Word Calligraphy, Background Story, Mustard Seed Garden Landscape Scroll, Phoenix and Dragonfly Eyes, etc. Such exploration of the artistic language with a multi-cultural background, energy collected from social scenes, and diversified materials, maximizes the visitors' experience of exhibition viewing and the fun of contemplation.


Different from Xu Bing's previous historical retrospectives, this exhibition focuses on the themes of civilization and language and strives to present a high concentration of thoughts and cultures. In addition to fulfilling the visual experience, the exhibition puts a greater emphasis on its significant academic value. The artist will also reveal in April 2022 his new large-scale installation titled The Gravity of Civilization which will take up the Hall X at MAP. This site-specific piece will utterly resonate with the entire exhibition. Xu Bing: Found in Translation aims to constantly challenge the viewers' intellectual capacity and break the boundary of artistic recognition to inspire both enlightenment and wisdom.


Professor Hans Maria De Wolf (Belgium) from Brussels Diplomatic Academy serves as the academic host of this exhibition. Sun Hua, Feng Yu, Zhao Yifeng, the young artists of AHA Union, take charge of curatorial and exhibition design.


Produced by Lujiazui Group

Organized by Museum of Art Pudong

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