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Liu Heung Shing Lens · Era · People
2023-06-09 - 2023-12-17
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About the exhibition

From June 9, 2023, Museum of Art Pudong will host the first large-scale comprehensive retrospective of the work of photographer Liu Heung Shing, titled "Liu Heung Shing  Lens·Era·People". Located on the fourth floor of the museum, the exhibition presents nearly 200 iconic photographic works covering the themes of historical events, portraits of social people, and the real daily life of people in different countries in a specific period. These works are organized in seven sections: "Face", "Body Language", "Timing the Moment", "Benchmarks", "Crowds", "Place", and "Archive". A scene of action will also be recreated onsite to showcase one of Liu’s special photo developing experience, vividly restaging how news images were created, selected and disseminated in his time.

As the first photography exhibition since the opening of MAP, this exhibition is also the largest exhibition of Liu Heung Shing's photography to date. And, for the first time, presents audiences in China with the opportunity to see Liu Heung Shing’s global perspective through works that were taken outside of China. The exhibition format breaks with the previous curatorial method of taking events and years as clues, in favour of focusing on the language of photography, extracting the elements of Liu Heung Shing’s photography techniques from the elements of visual culture, and showing how the latter plays a role in different events and descriptions. This exhibition is produced by Shanghai Lujiazui (Group) Co., Ltd. and organized by Museum of Art Pudong.


About Liu Heung Shing

Liu Heung Shing is the first chief photojournalist for Time magazine and the Associated Press to work in Beijing since 1978. Liu Heung Shing and his work have won awards such as: a Pulitzer Prize for Spot News (1992), the highest international award in the field of journalism; "Overseas Press Club Award"; Paris Photo "One of the 99 Most Influential Photographers in Contemporary Photography" , etc. His photographs, along with works from Robert Capa, Henri Cartier-Bresson and Marc Riboud, established Chinese portraits of that era.

As far as the photographer's professional identity is concerned, the lens is Liu Heung Shing's tool to record the times. He focuses the narrative on the people who are floating and sinking in the tide of the times. From national leaders to ordinary people, from world-renowned events to commonplace small daily lives, Liu Heung Shing's "decisive moments" captured with his lens can always reveal a unique poetry beyond the function of photographic recording the era.

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